Enterprise for production of alcohol and alcoholic drinks :

The enterprise for production of ethyl alcohol / spirits/ and alcoholic drinks was put into operation in 2002.
It is located 100 km far from port of Burgas and the border with Turkey and Greece.

1. Activity - the entity is a licensed producer of ethyl alcohol / spirits/ and alcoholic drinks - vodka, gin, grain alcoholic drinks, liquors. It has "License to produce" from the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria and license for warehouse management from the Customs Agency.

Ethyl alcohol is intended for use in food industry and treats category rectified spirits and it is not less than 96.2 percent and volume requirements of Bulgarian and European legislation and characterizes by mild and pleasant aroma and taste.
The technology allows alcohol to be produced both of cereals such as wheat, corn, etc. and molasses. It is applied for production the latest technologies using enzymes and yeasts.
The production equipment is designed and manufactured by leading Bulgarian designers and manufacturers, specifically for the needs of the enterprise. The plant capacity is 5000 liters per 24 hours and it has vessels of total volume over 1,000 cubic meters. The total area of ​​the company is 25,000 square meters, of which building area is 10,000 square meters, including manufacturing and warehouses, workshops, garages and more.
The enterprise owns related facilities for bottling in glass and plastic bottles.

2. Management - managers and specialists of the company are certified specialists in the field of technology, food industry and the economy, possessing great experience in their respective field.

3. Buildings

  • Production - built-up area - 2729 m²
  • Warehouse for materials - built-up area - 659 m²
  • Warehouse for packing and finished products - built-up area - 3446 m²
  • Shelter - built-up area - 216 m²
  • Transformer - built-up area - 155 m²
  • Auto workshop - built-up area - 894 m²
  • Pumping station - built area - 98 m²
  • Reservoirs- built-up area - 110 m²
  • Checkpoint - Built-up area - 19 m²
  • Residential building with total area 2037 m²
  • Total buildings ................................................ ....... 10 363 m²
  • Fence length 321 m
  • 12 513 m³ of concrete pavement

4. The enterprise is gasified and has excellent access.

Besides the production of alcohol, an entity may be used to produce spirited fruits, and any food or buildings to be converted to a logistics center and hypermarket building or other goods.

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