Packing / printing machines


  1. Digging machine – this is a machine which splits rolls with width max – 110cm into tapes. Made in Russia. Year: 1983.
  2. Machine for production of paper cylinders. Made in England. This is set line which splits big rolls with max width 110cm and then makes paper cylinders. Year: 1968.
  3. Automatic machine for paper cylinders. From paper tapes wraps paper cylinders and splits it into certain length. It makes 60 pieces per minute if it work under definite circumstances: ø 40mm, height of the cylinder 100 mm. It is used for jacket of batteries and isolation of bullets. Made in Germany.  Year: 1984. There is also a supplement, which is able to put a bottom and attach it by curve it.
  4. Machine, which is similar to №3. It also makes box with bottom, but rectangular. What the machine has done is box for batteries.  3R12 – 4.5V

The machines are in City of Nikopol – 260 kilometers from Sofia








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