Industial Corporation:

The Industrial Corporation has been established to supply for construction firms, industrial and installation companies in Bulgaria with unique billets. It also supplies nonstandard metal parts.The corporation is situated in the city of Veliko Turnovo with total area of 28 580 m2, 10 173 m2 of which is built up. The rest of it is with asphalt-paved.
The enterprise consists of:

  1. Administrative building
  • Built up area: 398 m2
  • The administrative building is solid construction with two floors. On the second floor there are offices and a canteen. On the first floor there are storage premises.
  • Main production building
  • Built up area: 7087 m2
  • It consists of:
      • Mechanical shed:
        • total built up area: 3 602 m2, clear height: 10,00 m;
        • Equipment: 2 overhead/travelling 5 tons-crane with machines for mechanical treatment of materials, with electro-welding appliances, and appliances for gas- and plasmic-cutting. Inside the mechanical shed there is a railway for inside-shed transport.
        • The mechanics for mechanical treatment include machines for mechanical cutting, guillotines, mechanical hack-saw, bending machines, grounds, hydraulic press and stamps, cutting machines, bending shafts etc. The electro-welding appliances are for electro-arc welding with direct current and alternating current.
        • The gas-cutting is carried out manually or automatically.
        • The device  for plasmic-cutting can cut parts with thickness up to 25 mm;
        • Further three floors of storage premises, sanitary- and utilities-premises.
      • Billets shed
        • Total built up area: 1 075 m2, clear height: 12,00 m.
        • Equipment: overhead/travelling 5 tons-crane, ground-type bending machines,  and railway for inside-shed and between sheds transport.
      • Electrostatic shed
        • Total built up area: 1 201 m2, clear height: 10,00 m.;
        • Solid precast subpanel construction, which consists of:
          • Premises with dust spray coat method;
          • Premises for preliminary preparation of parts;
          • Chemical storage;
          • Transportation line.
        • There is a fire-precaution system installed;
        • On the second floor there is a command-room and further sanitary- and utilities-premises;
        • The production-process is continuous.
      • Press-shed, a turner´s shed, electric substation and other universal premises
        • Press-shed:
          • Total built up area: 516 m2;
          • Equipment: ground-type bending machine ; injection machines; flat sanding;
          • There is a inside extension, which is equipped for a electro-workshop
      • Storage premises
      • Others premises
        • lathe, compressor, other storage and universal premises
        • Electricity substation for electricity transmission of incoming voltage of  20 kV into 220/380 V. (total area: 693m2)
  • Steam house and cleaning station
    • Building for oil fuel-petroleum  storage (total area: 100 m2)
    • Steam-boiler building with a chimney (total area: 207 m2)
    • Cleaning/refining station (total area: 440 m2)
  • Garages and storage premises
    • Solid garages: 5 garage bays with a drain and room for the auto mechanic (total area: 408 m2);
    • Metal garages for the automobiles of the personnel: 29 garage bays (total area: 516 m2);
    • Expeditionary force, equipped with a 5-tons overall/travelling crane (total area: 638 m2);
    • Storage house (total area: 322 m2).

The establishment is fenced by metal fence, from the north by metal wall panel, from the south by metal wire on high spikes.
The entrance is closed with a hand-operated barrier and a room for the security personnel as well as showroom with a total built up area of 57 m2.
The establishment is working with possibility for increasing the production capacity

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