Location  - Bulgaria, Nikopol 5940
Year of construction  - 1969
Built-up area  -  880 m² 
Property area - 1500 m² 

Additional features -
It is suitable for using as a hostel, nursing home, hut for hunting and fishing association. The hotel rooms are 8 pcs and 1 suite.
The building has 3 floors - first floor tavern, second floor restaurant and on the third floor - hotel rooms.

1. Administrative part  -  no
2. Warehouse - there are three garages which are as a common room. The room can be       
also used as a warehouse. Its roof is an open-air terrace.

• Type of Construction - the construction is solid, with partial concrete elements, and  
internal walls of brickwork with a flat roof

Water and sanitation are connected to city network.




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