Hotel in Bankya, ”Geo Milev”str. N 24

Located at 1100 m from the center of the town of Bankyа - a quarter of Sofia.
Total built up area 813 m ² and land 2500 m ².

The house is situated on the sloping part of the site, as seen from the road 2 floors, and from the yard - 4 floors. There are 2 separate entrances and 2 floors are designed for independent living with a general internal staircase, leading to the lowest floor - elevation (- 6 m), which is built for a restaurant with a billiard room and a kitchen.  At the garage and fitness level a suite of 2 rooms is made for major domo.

The house has a no standard architecture and a part of it consists of the following:
1. On 4 floors – on which there is a billiard room - elevation (-6 m), fitness room and garages - elevation (-3.90 m) and then 2-bedroom floors with 3 rooms, respectively an elevation (-1.40 m) and ( +1,40 m).
2. On 3 floors there are respectively a restaurant and a billiard room - elevation (-6 m) and two floors with a kitchen, a living room and a dining room, respectively at elevation (- 3 m) and (0 m).
All rooms have an east view, south and slightly west.
The house is next to a small river and at the yard side no neighbors.


The house is an electricity, water and gas supplied. It has built sewage, drains and a septic tank. The fence is reinforced to a height of 50 cm all around the property with a lattice between concrete columns up to 2.2 m height.
The house is a super insulated because:
- there is 8 cm Styrofoam insulation outside
- it has 6 chamber plastic window frames, German type  "Schuko"  and  35 mm but not the standard 24 mm glass distance in the package with “K” glasses .
- The roof is a concrete slab, covered up and down with 10 cm Styrofoam insulation.

I. Electro installation

  1. power
    - 3 phase power 3 x 380 V with a main and floor switchboards
    - All contacts are 220 ​​V Schuko type
    - Lighting installation – most is with pulse relays and lighting is switched on at  2, 3 or 4 places in the premises..
    - There is grounding and lightning protection installation with “Day" – Germany equipment.
  2. low voltage installation
    Each room has
    - Phone
    - TV antenna
    - Computer

There is built an alarm system in the entire building:
1. with volumetric sensors
2. Sensors for opening doors and windows
3. External monitoring cameras with spotlights
4. Intercom system with video cameras and screens on each floor with bells

II. Heating – local for the whole building

It is a combination of under floor heating in large spaces and radiators in the rooms.
The project has 2 x 50 kW gas boilers. It is provided three fireplaces - on each floor to be installed a new one.

III. Water

The whole building is water supplied, having a riser for returning hot water and in the morning all floors will have hot water by turning on the taps.
Each room has a bathroom and WC and it is provided WC for guests in the restaurant and common rooms.
Areas of the premises are as follows:

  • 1st floor - elevation (-6 m) - Restaurant with a billiard room, boiler room, cloakroom and WC - 190 m ²
  • 2nd floor - elevation (-3.90 m) - a suite for major domo, a garage, a fitness room with bathroom and sauna - 110 m ²
  • 3rd floor - elevation (-3 m) and (-1.4 m) - entrance with WC, kitchen, living room, a greenhouse and 3 bedrooms  - 223 m ²
  • 4th floor - elevation (+ 0 m) and (1.4 m) - same as level 3, but 245 m ²
    Staircases - approximately 25 m ². Between the third and fourth the is a door and when locked the house became for 2 families.
    Generator room – 25 m ², it has a separate entrance and can be also used as a garage. Car enters to the level elevation (-6 m).
    Everything can be converted inside the house and can be mounted an external lift, which is already prepared.

    The building could become a hotel or home for the elderly people, etc.
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