Dairying Farm:

The dairying farm is situated not far from the city of Gabrovo.

The area is ecologically clean, 1 120 meter above the sea-level, in the Central Balkans. In the radius of 10 km there are no main roads. The dairying farm was built in 2000 year. It spreads over 2747 m2,  total built up area  670 m2, with 1 400 m2  adjoining own land: 1 029 m2 field; 3 759 m2 meadow; farmyard with a built cattle-shed of 364 m2.
The business establishment consists of dairying farm, gatekeeper house, thick fence, annex to the main dairying building for the production of yellow cheese and further annex, which accommodates the administrative personnel.
The core business of the company is the manufacture, storage and sale of white brined and yellow cheese, butter milk-sour drink, as well as the buying up of cow´s milk.

  • Capacity of the establishment: processing 15 to 20 tons of milk on daily bases, out of which the farm manufactures at around 60 tons white cheese, 30 tons yellow cheese and further 20 tons “Ayran”-drink. All of these products have the branding “Gabrovo”.  
  • The monthly turnover on the Bulgarian market amounts to 350 000-450 000 BGN.
  • The farm comes with its own water-supply source and catchment.
  • The 18 qualified workers employed work day shift. They receive average salary of 400 BGN.
  • The dairy farm is safeguarded by a professional security company.
  • The production equipment comes from „Nikos“- Dobrich under Italian standards
  • The ventilation, aspiration and boiler-room come from “Rasenbord”, Germany. The equipment goes with extra spare parts and duplicated units.

The enlargement and additional storey is possible.
The industrial effluents are first stored in a reservoir and then transported to the water-cleaning stations in Gabrovo. A signed contract allows the dairy to recycle the refuse water in Gabrovo.  
The dairying farm has well developed market place and resource delivery network.
The dairy farm is classified in the second category. Nevertheless it has all the required licenses in order to be reclassified in the first class:

  • The establishment is legalized according to Statement №13/17.07.2000
  • License for usage №302/13.11.2000
  • Certificate for exploitation start №5/19.01.2004
  • Registration in the register for businesses in the production of food out of animal origin and trading with foods №ВG 0712001
  • Meets the requirements of Regulations
            • (ЕO) 853/2004
            • (ЕO) 854/2004
            • Verdict ЕК 2007/26
  • Sanitary legal verdict for microclimate, noise, vibrations and illumination
  • Health legal verdict №ДЗК13-731/29.03.2006
  • Buying up of cow´s milk - Ordinance №РД09-512/15.06.2006
  • ISО 9001: in process


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