Who we are

SM-bizforsale is an independent management consulting company. Our mission fosters close collaboration with our customers in order to develop cost minimizing and profit enhancing strategies, being driven by an efficient utilization of the growth potential in emerging European markets.

We offer comprehensive and interdisciplinary solutions in Mergers and Acquisitions, Market Entry Services, In- and Outsourcing, Project Financing and Project Management, as well as in Executive Eearch. We are constantly expanding our market presence in Bulgaria.

How we create value

Our teams of specialists combine engineering capabilities with managerial skills and financial know-how. We complement our expertise with strong multicultural competences to offer comprehensive, interdisciplinary management consulting in demanding markets.

What we focus on

Management consulting is not just about offering advice, but also about developing and implementing solutions. We focus on innovation in product and market strategy and design analogue sourcing approaches. SM-bizforsale provide the necessary resources in marketing and staffing as well as in engineering and financial planning.

Maxim Minkov

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